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Make A Wish! It’s Your Birthday!

I believe that a birthday is a day that you celebrate with those close to you. It’s the day you were born. It’s a day that is basically all about YOU.

For those who don’t already know (basically everyone) today is my 24th birthday.

How has my birthday been so far? Well, today has been a disappointing day. I should be used to it by now. Every year my birthday is always disappointing.

Now, I don’t meant to sound negative but it’s the truth. I decided to take off the Facebook notification of my birthday this year to see who actually remembers my birthday. So far, only one friend has wished me a “Happy Birthday” today. My family has done the same, although I feel like they kind of have to say it.

The day started out okay at first. My mom and sister gave me  a few gifts, a cake, and flowers which was really nice of them. I went to IHOP to eat breakfast with them. Afterwards we went to Big Lots and bought a few things. We got home and my mom made pozole, which is my favorite Mexican dish. Now, I’m in my room looking for something to do, so I decided to post a blog today.

Yes, I could have maybe planned something with my “friends” but you see, I don’t really have any friends. For so long I’ve felt like it’s my fault. I always felt like I was never good enough to people. I’m the reason I don’t have any friends, but none of that is true.


For so long I’ve craved the love and approval of others. What I wanted more than anything is for someone to show me that they actually love me and care about me. A part of me still wants that, but I am trying to learn how to find that love on my own. I am trying to learn how to love myself to a point where I don’t depend on someone else to love me. I don’t need anyone who doesn’t love and appreciate my Awesomeness!

Besides, every time I plan something with people they always end up cancelling their plans with me or they tell me they are “busy”. Yeah, people disappoint me all the time.

Even though I didn’t get birthday wishes from  those who I thought cared about me, I still got them from other people. I got a few birthday wishes from a few Supernatural fans on Twitter. I also got an email from Misha Collins. (For those who don’t know who this Angel is, he’s an actor from the show “Supernatural.”)


See, isn’t he sweet! Also, look what Bing did for my birthday. This is Awesome!

Even though my birthday wasn’t the best, I am still thankful for those who tried to make it good for me.

Anyways, if you have a birthday coming up, I suggest you look at The Penny Hoarder website and sign up to some of these email subscriptions to get free stuff on your birthday! That’s how I got free pancakes at IHOP and a free movie at Redbox!

Thank you for reading about my birthday! Until next time!


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