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Welcome 2016!

Hello everyone! I wanted to post real quickly on here to wish everyone a Happy New Year and share some of my thoughts for the new year.
If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know that I haven’t been in a good place lately. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life. My bad mood has made me realize that I’m not happy with the life that I’m living. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and how to change it.
These past few weeks have been bad for me. I’ve honestly never felt more alone. I’ve been having a hard time trusting people. I’m having a hard time believing the nice things people tell me. The only way for me to believe anything people say anymore is if they actually show me that they care. Anyone can say “I love you,” but unless you actually show me, I won’t believe you.

Did you know that no one has even tried talking to me about what I’m going through? Yeah, people might be scared to approach me with it, but if you show me that you actually care I’ll tell you anything. If you see that I’m having a bad day, don’t let me be. At least try to get me to talk, because deep down that’s what I really want. I want someone to genuinely listen to what I have to say. I guess that’s why I started this blog, in hope that someone is actually listening to me. I sometimes wonder if anyone is even reading my blog, but that’s another story.
Everyone is talking about their New Year’s Resolution. It’s made me think about some of the changes I want to do in my life for 2016. I did make a list of goals I want to accomplish for 2016. I won’t post on here what I plan to change in 2016, I will only be telling the few people close to me. I believe that if you tell a lot of people what your goals are, you are basically giving them the power to bring you down. I’ll talk more on that on another post later.
I saw this video on Facebook from a guy named Trent Shelton and it opened up my eyes.
Time To Burn Some Bridges (Part 1)
Time To Burn Some Bridges (Part 2)
I’ve been watching some of his videos and I’m finding them really inspiring. It has made me really think about my future.
I also saw this picture on Facebook a few weeks ago and I thought it was pretty cool! I plan to start doing that in 2016.
This made me think about some of the things that I’ve accomplished this year.
Accomplishments in 2015:
  • Opened up about my depression and seek help
  • Started a blog
  • Finally figured out my true passion, writing
  • Met new Supernatural fans
  • Went back to school



I hope the video helps anyone who might be in the same situation as I am. I will try to post more this upcoming week. Remember, ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING!! Until Next Time!

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