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Be True To You

I’ve been feeling really lost for a while. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do next in my life. I started thinking a lot about my past and my future. I’ve been thinking about the person I used to be and how much I have changed. I thought about what my past self say to my situation right now. This is what I would say . . .


What happened to you?

Remember when you used to dress up as a doctor and pretend to take care of your sick stuffed animals. Remember when you used to pretend to be a teacher and you would come up with lessons to teach. Remember when you used to start dancing to the music on the radio and pretend you were performing. Remember when you used to record yourself with your little sister and pretend to be doing a talk show.

Remember when you took up art in high school, because you discovered a passion towards it. Remember when you had big dreams of becoming a music producer, because you love the whole process of actually creating something as amazing as music. Remember when you wanted to become a songwriter, so you bought a guitar to learn how to play it and start writing songs. Remember when you wanted to become a nurse, because you loved helping people.

Remember when you wanted to write a book and make it into a New York Times Best Seller. Remember when you wanted to travel around the world and meet new interesting people. Remember when you wanted to write short stories and get them published.

What happened to you?

You became something I never thought I would see. You used to have big dreams. You are not living the life that you wanted. You let the world destroy the vision you had of yourself. You let people treat you like crap for years. You let yourself bleed for people that never cared about you. You let the darkness take over your mind.

Wake Up!

This was never what you wanted. You were always happy. You used to love life. You used to have a reason to move forward.  I need you to stop hating yourself for your mistakes. I need you to let go of all the bad that was done to you. I need you to get out of this funk and be the person that I know you really are.

I need you to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. I need you to learn to love yourself again. I need you to remember that you are not perfect and that is okay.

Writing this actually helped me figure some things out. I’m finally seeing things a little more clearly now. Getting in touch with my old self helped me figure out where I want to be. This post is probably pointless, but I thought I would still share it. Until Next Time!


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