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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Everyone! I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! Let’s not forget the Dad’s that have to take the “Mom” role. You guys rock!

For Mother’s Day I usually go all out to make my mom feel special. I usually buy her flowers, a card, a gift and bake her a cake. Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t able to do all of that since I didn’t have enough money to get all of those things.File May 08, 10 09 23 PM

Instead, I got creative! I made my mom a hand-made card that includes pop-up flowers. I was also able to bake her favorite cake, Tres Leches.

Inside the card I wrote this:


Dear Mom:

I love that you…

Are always there for me.

Understand my obsession with Drake.

Enjoy eating everything that I bake.

Can always give me useful advice.

Motivate me to achieve my goals. 

You showed me how to…

Make the best of a bad situation.

Be strong and go after what I want.

Find the value of a true friend.

Be kind to others. 

You are my…



Reason to move forward!

Thank you for all you do for me. I love you so much Mom!

I was so happy that my mom loved the card! I love spending time with her. I’ve been studying all weekend for my finals, but I managed to spend some time with her.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday and Mother’s Day with their moms. Until Next Time!


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